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Want to help ?

What can you do ?

Do you like reseaching ?

In the 'files' section there are names still to be put into the tree.

They need to be individually inspected and researched to see where they fit.

You may be able to do this sitting at your computer- or in your specific library or church etc near you.

Also there will be chattaways particularly in the USA and Australia and New Zealand that are not on the tree.

The objective is that once this work is done - I can pass it to a younger person to keep updating, and it will come in useful as an accurate  'bite' of humanity for so many areas of research.

In the files section you will find my main database sheet. chattsortedchristmas

 The main trunk of the chattaway tree startoffitall2

and several satelite trees that need affixing to the main trunk

All of the  GREEN names on the main database sheet are on the main trunk and satelite trees- all those not green still need to go onto one of the trees and eventually just the main trunk