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How to use the 'files'

 All files are in EXCEL format which is a great tool for family trees.

 The MAIN tree is called 'startofitall' if this is printed out and sheets kept in order, stick them together with cellotape 13 across and 3 down so thats 39 pages. Its about 10ft long. that is about 30% of known chattaways.

The other .xls spreadsheets are smaller sattelite trees that eventually need to go on to the main tree, when I get time !!!

 The other sheet 'chatsortedchristmas'  is my 'Bible' thats my main data sorting spreadsheet


TIPS ..........Use the Control F  to find names dates etc on .xls sheets

Use  the sort function (very easy to do) to sort all data (or parts) into date order or name order etc -click on the square above the number one on the excel sheet at the top -that will highlight the whole sheet. Then go to DATA and SORT and click on which column you want to sort by.