Say a little thank you to these people

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These Chattaways died in the great wars,- feel sad they never had a chance to live a life like you - lets be thankful and never forget them

Albert Chattaway (sergeant) 21st squadron RAF    aged 30    1941   Birmingham

Albert Edward Chattaway (lance corporal) 4th Queens hussars aged 37 1942 Libya

Bernard Chattaway Canadian light infantry  aged  ??  1945 Holland

Charles Chattaway (private) Royal canadian dragoons aged ?? 1918 france

Daniel Chattaway (lance bombadier) 85 antitank regiment aged 22 1942  singapore

Frank Francis Chattaway (private) 12th battalion Durham light infantry aged 20 1918  Italy

Godfrey Chattaway (private) NZ military forces aged 48  1941 New Zealand

George Herbert Chattaway (private) 1st/7th royal warks regiment aged 32  1917   Somme France

Herbert Alexander Chattaway (driver) royal field artillery aged 19 1917  Belgium

James Henry (private) 2/13 battalion Australian Infantry aged 33 1941 Libya

Louis Chattaway (private) Royal marines aged 21 1917 France

Phillip Spencer (second lieutentant) 6th battalion cheshire regiment aged 20 1916  somme france

William Henry(private) 12th battalion northumberland fusiliers aged ?? somme france  **

William Patrick (gunner) 79th brigade royal field artillery aged 24 somme france

  **   Body never found 'lost' soldiers commemorated by the theipval memorial

Theipval memorial - Somme .The largest British war memorial in the world

The poppy fields of the somme

Lastly,- but not least if your in good health, say a little thank you to all those Little chattaway children and infants that died at birth or at an early age around the 1600-1700s when plagues and illnesses were common.

They effectively gave their lives for us to have stronger genes in life, we all seem to be extrodinarily robust, and usually have long lives, a lot is due to their sacrifices and our hard farming background.