Noted Chattaways

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Noted Chattaways

Considering there were less than 3500 Chattaways EVER   I think we made a mark, here are a few- If you know of more interesting chattaways let me know- thanks.

Rt Hon Sir Chris Chataway.

Jay Chattaway

As an excellent athlete in his own right being 5th in the olympic 5000 metres in helsinki in 1952 -and holding the 5000 metre world record which helped him win the first BBC sporting personality of the year-mostly remembered for pacing roger bannister with chris brasher in the first sub 4 minute mile- later respected MP

St Josephs nechells birmingham

American emmy award winning music composer famously composing the star trek theme, and many other noted works including almost 20 film scores

The Chattaway drive in in st Petersburg  Florida

The very rev Arthur Leeson Chattaways church - later he was canonised -in his silver jubilee his parishioners raised money to have a commemorative piece erected above the alter


 Herbert William Chattaway (1855 - 1940). Herbert was the Honarary Architect of the medieval cathedral of Coventry- the church which was bombed in WW2. He was responsible for substantial renovation of the ancient church, which dated back to the twelfth century.

Where you can order the famous Chattaburger


Thurland Chattaway - composer active from approximately 1898 to 1912 .Most famous for writing the words to the popular hit "Red Wing".

FD Chattaway  - writer  - The Action of Chlorine upon Urea Whereby a Dichloro Urea is Produced 1908 - A simple method of preparing tetranitromethane 1910 - tutored in st batholomews london-went to oxford-london-munich-was a fellow of the royal society of london

MM  Chattaway-writer - 1933 book Tile cells in the rays of the malvalves - (about genetics)

Peter T Chattaway -film critic and almost as many web arcticles as Jay Chattaway - varying from stage and screen to christianity.

Edwin Daniel Chattaway -writer - A rudimentary treatise on railways 1855

Andy Chattaway (my brother) british senior record holder for the last 16 years for dyke jumping in Friesland Holland - and

David Chattaway (son) british junior record holder - link

The Chattaway Spatula invented by (more info needed)

 Donald Chattaway - Piano player in the noted Tommy Dorsey Band (moreinfo needed)

Frank Chattaway - In the early hours of 1st march 1942 frank was on HMAS PERTH and together with USS Houston sailed into the fleet of Japanese warships in the sunda strait, south of Singapore.

A long battle ensued ships were sunk on both sides, but the perth and Houston were out of ammunition and finally sunk.

Only half the 680 on board survived

Frank survived and spent the next 3 years in a Japanese prison camps in java Singapore burma and finally Japan before returning to Australia, to resume his life as a schoolteacher