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Here you will hopefully find answers to all most of your Chattaway queries - like where and why does the name originate ?  How many Chattaways are there in the world now ? How far back can the name be traced ? Are there any famous Chattaways.?  etc etc

There are many fascinating facts and pictures inside.

I have been trying for 30 years on and off to link up every Chattaway there has been .............. with a little from my friends.



LAST UPDATED NOVEMBER 1st 2010 lastest news - 57% of all chattaways on my records (from a total of 2560 people) are now entered onto one big family tree (its only taken 34 years ! ) GREAT NEWS FOR AUSSIE CHATTS !! I have found the missing links and can now take you back to 1600 !

Please read this first -

Whilst I have made every effort to be accurate- it must be remembered how the data came about.

1. Chattaway family trees have been sent to me which I have taken on trust to be correct so there could be errors. 

2. The census takers often guessed, rounding ages to the nearest 5 years, particularly in the 1841 1861 census's. 

3. Then the people who transcribed them have made many errors, eg the census book clearly says phebea they have put phewea.

4. There is a lot of data here, so I could have easily made errors.

5. .....and last but not least the people being asked were not too happy with nosey census takers and did give obtuse/wrong answers.

So please take all this data as a GUIDE ONLY then if you want to check things up it will be much easier for you to find and you can believe which information to trust yourselves then.

I do need help to finish this project off and pass it on to a younger person to keep up, so if you like reasearch and are interested see the what next page.

For the sake of privacy I am enforcing an 90 year rule - so names etc from this year to 1918 will not be shown - however if you  E-mail me, I will try to help with more recent names, which I have up to the present day.

There are many people to thank for this site eventually coming together, so thanks to (in no particular order)

Mike Ballentine          USA

Alan Chattaway             Kent UK

Mick Chattaway         Kent UK

Alan Chattaway      - Surrey Canada

Tammy Chattaway- Birmingham UK

Betsy  Pope            - Florida USA

Greg and Cathy       Australia

John Chattaway      Shrewsbury UK

Dennis  Chattaway  USA

Nathan Chattaway  Australia

Daniel Chattaway   Australia

Jim  Chattaway      Australia

Barrie Chattaway   Australia

Andrew Chattaway Australia

Ken Meek   Perth   Australia

Maria Chatatway    UK

Roland Ewer IV      USA